Quotes and Reviews

Perhaps the most striking thing about He Said, She Said is that it's just fun to listen to — and it's obvious that Doctor and Schumacher are having fun, too. There's a moment in the last five seconds of Another One Bites the Dust where Doctor giggles in the middle of the song's closing riff, and that imperfection totally makes the song: you can hear the two of them smiling throughout the whole piece, but it all bubbles over in that one moment.” - Catherine Lewis, The Recorded A Cappella Review Board
Angie Doctor is the brightest vocal gem among Clockwork. She shines from start to finish, but especially on Lush Life where she turns in the most emotive, detailed solo of the recording.” - Eric Skalinder, The Recorded A Cappella Review Board
Taking the Manhattan Transfer Sound into the 21st Century. If you are a fan of the Manhattan Transfer ... this one is right up your alley.” - Steve Ramm, "Anything Phonographic", Clockwork "Every Voice Counts" Amazon CD Review
Right ON! …They [Clockwork] have really fun material and the voices to make the charts come to life… great presentations.” - Gene Puerling