Angie Doctor is the brightest vocal gem among Clockwork. She shines from start to finish, but especially on Lush Life where she turns in the most emotive, detailed solo of the recording.” - Eric Skalinder, The Recorded A Cappella Review Board
Right ON! …They [Clockwork] have really fun material and the voices to make the charts come to life… great presentations.” - Gene Puerling
Bold, natural, dripping with talent, and generally kick ass - in the age of autotune and overdubbing, this cd reminds us of the simple, profound power of the human voice” - Deke Sharon, Producer,The Sing Off
Angie and Dan are wildly skilled to hold their own in the barest of soundscapes with the most challenging of Greene arrangements, and they both sound totally gorgeous yet distinctly unique.” - Kimberly Raschka Sailor, The Recorded A Cappella Review Board

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